Saturday, January 24, 2015

Let The Games Begin!

It’s amusing that I decided I had to have a blog about Entertainment, for all of those times when I just can’t help but write about something entertaining. Originally I was going to have a blog about books, and I managed to find time to read one book, blog about it and then a few years later, that’s all that was in there. It was a good book and all, but I was just looking for an excuse to write something. This comes about with me a lot, and I have since decided to just give into it. I stopped actually caring if anyone actually read it or not.
I think in the last few years I have gone to the movies about 6 times. I can’t think of all the movies but the ones I liked involved space battles, superheroes or hobbits. The ones my wife liked involved all that other crap that isn’t space battles, superheroes or hobbits. I am not a very good movie critic, but I have opinions. I went to see that Ben Afleck movie despite the fact that I think he is a liberal pussy and doesn’t deserve my money, and my reaction was amusing actually. I walked out saying that the acting was excellent, the premise of the story was very good, but every time you thought the movie was over and they threw a new plot twist in and dragged it out, I thought I was in Hell. I think I said also that the movie would have been better if it wasn’t seven and a half hours long. Again, I am not a great movie critic.
The last movie I watched that I could have seen fifty times and come to think of it, I probably have, was Star Trek. My wife jokes with me because I get all choked up and teary eyed over movie moments that are “epic” and of course through a man’s point of view. That point at the end when the Enterprise came out of warp and they just started hammering the Romulan ship, after it looked like Kirk and Spock were done for, well let’s just say I started choking up writing that. I don’t get that from most movies, I’m sorry, but Captain America: The Winter Soldier came close when the bad guy saved his life and wandered away. It wasn’t as epic though.
The fact of the matter is, I am new tech meets old tech amused. I could sit around and watch almost any television show based on taking YouTube videos and making fun of them. World’s Dumbest, Ridiculousness, Tosh.0 (when it isn’t too gross), Hell even that stupid Shaquille O’Neill show where Godfrey barely was able to carry his unfunny behind were more my speed. Of course DC Comics have been making me think they have a shot at overcoming the Marvel Goliath with, Arrow, Flash and Gotham. Yep I guess in reality I am still having a hard time growing up.
The good news for anyone that happened to read all of this by accident is that I probably won’t win any Pulitzer prizes with my entertainment acumen, but I do have every intention of writing about whatever I feel like. It’s basically been my method of operation for about a decade now. Yeah it’s hard to believe that I would continue to plug away at a keyboard for so long with almost nothing to show for it. Well ok that is not completely the truth, but it definitely isn’t completely a lie.