Friday, February 6, 2015

Falling Out Of Love With The Television

I have seriously fallen out of love with television over the last few months. There was that pause, or as they call it the “mid season” break over the holidays, which I started writing again, and just didn't have to worry about watching shows on my DVR. Then the break was over and slowly but surely the shows started filling up my DVR again, but with no fanfare really. Most of the shows that are on there that I really liked are now more of an annoyance that is taking me away from other things I would rather do.

The must see list for me has gotten really short actually. I still really like the show “Gotham” and look forward to seeing it on the DVR. That show has taken an interesting topic of “Before Batman” and turned it into a very good science fiction crime drama. It’s kinda like watching Blade Runner meets The Godfather and winds into any really good crime drama. I can honestly say that I have yet to be disappointed by it at all. Of course it happens to be recorded right before the biggest disappointment held over from last season Sleepy Hollow, which has been like bad dentistry as I am forced to watch moral equivocation every week that doesn't pass the smell test if you actually are facing the apocalypse.

Arrow is another one that I look forward to even if it does brush the outskirts of being silly, now that they spend half the show going back into the past. Past that really should be left there, but hopefully it will get back to the dark justice angle that I love about that show. The Flash had all of the promise of being another great DC show, but try as I might I just can’t get into it. Agents of Shield started off that way, so I am hoping that it will come out of it too. While I have brought up the show that I wish would get back on television, in Agents of Shield, I am still wondering why they even brought out Agent Carter. It got more boring every week and finally was stripped from my DVR que.

Supernatural took me by surprise this week as I was wondering how much longer I would put up with it, but the Hansel and Gretel episode I watched last night brought me back to actually looking forward to it again. On another note when my wife told me that Forever was screwed up on the DVR, my attitude was “cool I don’t have to watch that one this week” and it ended up in the category that CSI ended up in when it was never recording because of late football games. The category of, I was meaning to delete that one from the DVR que anyway. The Mentalist was one of my favorite shows until I didn't think it was worth looking for on Monday too.

I was thinking that perhaps my issue was that all shows just get old. Bones got old and stupid after a while, and Undercover Boss, another show that just got stupid. What about Criminal Minds? After I got over how stupid Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hair looks, that show is still great, and of course I mentioned Supernatural above, but can you believe that those two shows are on their tenth seasons? That just goes to show that a television show doesn't have to get old and stale, but alas, most of them do.

Do any of you have shows that I should consider watching to try to get television right in my mind again, or do you think it is all a waste of my time anyway?