Sunday, March 1, 2015

Good Bye Old Friend

I wasn't a fan of the Star Trek Franchise when I first went to see a Star Trek movie back in 1986. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was the first foray that I had ever had into Leonard Nimoy, and at the time I didn't even really know that he had directed and written that movie. Later on while watching another movie “Three Men and a Baby” a friend pointed out to me that the very same director (Leonard Nimoy) was in fact the genius behind that movie as well. In fact it was Leonard Nimoy that had taught me to really enjoy a director for being able to control the comedic flow of a movie that made me more aware of what it takes to score comedy on the big screen.

Well needless to say, The Next Generation brought me into the fold as an actual Trekker, and I was back watching the older series and the movies. Now the brilliance of Leonard Nimoy the actor started changing the way I looked at Science Fiction as well. I can’t really give the man the proper credit that he deserves as either an actor or a director, but I did want to take a moment to thank him for changing the way I looked at both of these things. As we look at all of the eulogies, corny jokes, heartfelt condolences and all of the other things that the death of Leonard Nimoy brings about, I just wanted my two bits out there so that people don’t forget the “other” things he did. Things like teaching a 17 year old kid with no dreams and aspirations, how to dream and pay attention.

Good Bye Leonard Nimoy. You will be missed, but never forgotten.