Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Come Celebrate My Tumblr Birthday! I won't ..

Today I was alerted by my friends at Tumblr that it was my 5th birthday as a Tumblr user. I was so excited by this news that I decided to write a blog about it. You see you would think that this is what ALL Tumblr users would be doing at the news that they have reached their 5th birthday, but I had a much different question in mind, “Who the Hell uses Tumblr for anything?”

No seriously, this is a good question. I have a Tumblr account because all my friends on Twitter (apparently 5 years ago today) was starting their own blogs over on Tumblr, so of course I had to as well. It didn’t take me very long to see how amazingly stupid Tumblr was, but heck I have had it all this time and I have programmed my Magenta River to post everything I post to G+ over to Tumblr. Why not? I figure I have that page anyway, so I might as well see if it would give me any blog readers.

Here’s what I have learned in 5 years of having a Tumblr account. When you post something that sets off someone’s keyword catcher, you will have their 45 Tumblr profiles “like” that post and then follow you. They must have some sort of script for it, and if you follow them back, they have some sort of script to unfollow you too. Trust me, Friend or Follow is a must have account for tracking idiots on Tumblr (after you have become one of the idiots on Tumblr) and most of the idiots on Tumblr just post non-stop all day, mostly porn, often complaining.

So again, the question comes up, and it is an honest one, “Who the Hell uses Tumblr?” I have never seen a point for it, but the site is obviously popular, for what I have no clue. I’m sure someone out there knows what I am missing. I have heard this about G+ but those people are usually ignorant. I tend not to be ignorant, but maybe there is a gaping hole in my attention span where all of the wonderful reasons for Tumblr manage to squeeze through. I doubt it but you never know.