Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Battle for Jeremy's Entertainment Money and Time

I've unfortunately lost my tolerance for the crap that comes out of people’s mouths over the years, and this translates to my entertainment budget. There has always been a small part of me (very small trust me) that has envy for those that are devoid of a filter on what they say. There is no envy or pity for that matter for those that use their celebrity to make statements that are hateful. A couple of good examples of this would be Cher or Rosie O’Donnell. Theoretically they are both irrelevant these days since they no longer do anything entertaining, but when they are allowed to speak their minds it is all hate in the name of defending someone.

If you think about it many movies, and television shows have been ruined simply by the hue their stars give off. I tried to watch the first episode of CSI: Cyber and the usual terrible acting of Patricia Arquette was accentuated in my mind by the recent stupidity she displayed when getting an undeserved best supporting actress award. All I could see was the same old parking lot for bad acting that the Criminal Minds spinoff was a few years ago, and yes Jeannine Godawfulroles, is another example of someone who says stupid things and makes it impossible for me to accept her. By how soon that terrible spin off exited the stage I appear to not be alone. After I think 5 minutes when she was explaining to the back hacker gone good, actually I don’t know what she was explaining, I gave up on that show then.

I’m sure there are plenty of enlightened people out there who would tell me to get over these things like they do, but it’s a two-fold thing for me. First these people are like recycled communists that do the guest lecturer circuit at universities. They usually aren't that great at their job they just have it because the hollyweird values them more than they do me. This is perfectly OK, but it leads to the second part of why I avoid these people. I don’t want to be supportive of people I don’t like, and especially those that don’t like me. This is the same reason I refuse to watch anything NBC/Universal. They hate me too, they make it obvious, and I don’t have to deal with them while I still have liberty.

If you are part of the enlightened crowd who thinks I am blowing these things out of proportion, but you have noticed these people hate you too, think about this. Actors like Liam Neeson haven’t done an original acting role in a long time. He probably had a lot more to do with how bad Star Wars Episode 1 was than even Jar Jar Binks. The only reason anyone goes to see a Liam Neeson movie is because he plays a vigilante with a gun. Off screen he plays a liberal pussy who hates guns and more specifically gun owners. You aren't enlightened you are an enabler of a bad person building your own gallows to swing from.

There are times when this is NOT easy on me either. Think about the new Batman movies that are coming out. I want you to get a mental image of Ben Affleck, off screen, how he spends his free time. Yeah it is pretty hard to look at this effeminate America hating Muslim apologist in a Batman suit. I actually thought he did a good job as Daredevil, and Chasing Amy is one of the greatest movies ever, but left to his own weenie devices for so long, I just can’t support, or even accept this guy in that role. I went to see Gone Girl, with my wife, because she wanted to see it. He played an idiot, duped by his con artist wife. That worked for him. Batman? Oh well, I wasn't really into the Justice League anyway. Good luck with that DC.

Let me be really clear about one thing here. I am not calling for a boycott of anything. I am just explaining how I prefer to spend my entertainment dollars or my valuable free time. Boycotts are for like-minded assholes that go after sponsors of someone because they aren't really into that free speech thing. I am all about free speech because without it wouldn't be so easy for me to pick and choose who gets my money and my time. It wouldn't be so easy for me to figure out whom to avoid either. Think about it this way, you have a lifelong friend that after knowing them since second grade they no longer can keep bottled up how much they hate you. Do you keep humoring them because you have known them your entire life, or do you just say good-bye to them? Does this theory change if they happen to be famous? I’m just happy the cat’s out of the bag and off to make new friends.