Saturday, April 11, 2015

There's Hope For Marvel On the Small Screen Yet

WE HAVE A WINNER! I have blogged a lot lately about how Disney is destroying the Marvel brand on the small screen, and I still stand by this. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is pure trash, and it got so painfully bad that even I the greatest fan boy in the history of Comic Books was forced to stop watching it. The only thing that was worse was that Marvel’s Agent Carter, which basically gave me the will to give up on SHIELD, knowing that Disney was killing my childhood slowly.

Well enter our friends at Netflix who seem to know what they are doing. My small screen has been lit up with Daredevil all morning and I am totally hooked after two complete episodes. This is VERY important, because Daredevil IS one of the most important Marvel characters out there and if Disney had sent it to ABC to be destroyed, I might have never been able to forgive them. This is not coming from the gang who wants to throw Ben Afleck under the bus for the movie adaptation either. Sure the guy isn’t really a man in real life, but he DID NOT destroy the character on the big screen. He really wasn’t that bad.

Now to be even more fair he isn’t Charlie Cox either, who makes this version of Daredevil quite amazing. The many factors that go into being Daredevil, the blind man who can see better than most because of his heightened senses, the attorney who is a hopeless do gooder, the agony that he really goes through because let’s face it, he is the man with no fear, not the man with no pain. He plays it all and he does it well. This is very refreshing, because I like a lot of other people need heroes, especially heroes that have human failings that they overcome.

I’m not going to spoil this for anyone, because that’s not what I do. I am not going to overanalyze why or why not you have to see Daredevil, or have to have Netflix (and people if you don’t have Netflix you miss out on a bazillion dollars’ worth of entertainment wrapped up into a $7.99 monthly fee) all I am going to say is I am an actual comic book fan, who is very happy to be watching this series. I am even more enthusiastic that Daredevil has been brought back into the Marvel Universe, where it can be properly incorporated into other facets of the Marvel Universe. This is good for everybody.