Monday, April 6, 2015

You Have to Respect the Mouse

There’s an old saying that “You have to know your audience,” which is the very basis of the entertainment industry, despite the lack of its use over the last few decades. I happen to know this because I write blogs. Some would say, “Oh no a blogger, that’s someone who wishes he was a writer, but isn’t,” and thus proves my point that I understand an audience. For example that last example is not my audience and I never try to make them my audience, because they will never help my brand. This topic came to my mind as I was removing “Marvel’s Agents of Shield” from my DVR queue, just as I had “Marvel’s Agent Carter” from my DVR queue about four episodes into it. It’s pretty sad really considering I am a man who grew up in the 70s and 80s and adored my comic books.

Marvel of course was bought by Disney, which means it is no longer a viable brand on its own it is a brand under the umbrella of “The Mouse” and the only way it is going to make money is if “The Mouse” allows it to. So as Disney defends “The Mouse” that means that the lunatics of the world have to be placated or “The Mouse” can be destroyed. This was what happened when Captain America started having commentary on the Tea Party, and how they are something he worries about more than outside terrorists. That was when I finally got off my addiction to comic books, because if the very embodiment of jingoism is now more concerned with the Tea Party than terrorist, then he is no longer Captain America. I am free!

Disney of course is more concerned with a bunch of rabid progressives with signs protesting loudly and violently outside of Disney World, and the Tea Party has better things to do, than do the same. I actually understand this, but I don’t like it. If I had a multi trillion dollar brand like Disney I would protect it from such things too, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the destruction of my childhood institutions because of it. There is a chance that Disney might have understood this mistake, in that they remained firm on using “The Winter Soldier” in the last Captain America film which opened up our current Secretary of State for some long forgotten ridicule. I just don’t know, and I just don’t care.

This was the example of things to come as I simply lost interest in the Marvel shows on ABC (Disney owned) because they are really bad. Horrible storytelling, bad directing, awful character development, recycled Buffy the Vampire Slayer actors, you name it and it has been what I lived through because at one time I would have forgiven anything as long as I got to live in my comic books. Thanks to the wonderful world of Disney, and the fact that Walt Disney ain’t walking through that door anytime soon, another piece of my childhood has died. Well actually just a small piece, because DC comics (who I ignored for the most part growing up) and Time Warner seem to want my business these days and have really stepped up their game. Sorry Mouse!