Friday, May 15, 2015

A World Without B.B. King

I hate to say good bye to an old friend but some days you just have to accept that they are gone. Can anyone think of a man that has had more of an influence on music as we know it than BB King? I called this blog “A World Without B.B. King” because that is not possible. Yes the man died in his sleep and we can technically say that he is no longer with us, but BB King is an immortal part of the culture. The very personification of the American dream that so many people say is impossible today, the man who influenced the British invasion, and whether anyone wants to admit it or not, led a long and productive life.

I’m not writing this to talk about his music, because I don’t have to. I am not writing this to talk about his life and his upbringing. I’m not even here to talk about his guitar, although even my son understood that the commercial that came out this last year where he autographed the guitar, was just freaking EPIC. I am here to say that if you are one of the very few people in this world who is wondering what all the hub-bub is about surrounding the death of an American icon named BB King, please take a moment to find some of his music, sit back, and say good bye to a very old friend with the rest of us.