Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Oh Crap Adulthood Again

As a comic book fan I think I have committed the ultimate sin, to which I think I need to do penance. I haven’t gone to see the new Avengers movie. I don’t even have a very good excuse for this either. My wife has given in to the fact that my entertainment whims usually come ahead of hers, I have the money, and I probably have the time. The problem is that I just don’t have the desire.

The Movie Industrial Complex, has finally broken me I think. I just don’t feel like hopping in the car, heading to the theater, buying the big ass bag of popcorn and shelling out all of that money anymore. I loves me my super heroes, but I just have better things to do, and more to the point I feel that I have better things to spend my money on.  Maybe the next big hit song will be “Netflix Killed the Video Star” if we can just get the Buggles to come back from wherever they ended up. I don’t know, but it is a little more than that actually.

I mean sitting in my office where I do all of my writing, designing, or whatever other hobbies I pretend are a real job, I have a flatscreen, widescreen, high def, surround sound television. I don’t even have cable hooked up to it, I just have my Netflix going all day while I ratta tat away at the keyboard. I enjoy this, and when I look at hopping in the car, heading to the theater, buying a big ass bag of popcorn and shelling out all of that money, there is another factor that has to be taken into account. That’s about three hours of my life that I am not being productive too. Some may say this makes me a loser, and others might see it the way I do, and that would be that productivity makes the man, not his leisure time.

Of course I have stated this before, that all things are political, even if you don’t like politics. I’m not too thrilled with giving up my wealth, to people who could care less about my wealth as well. Now I am not saying that I hate Joss Wheden, because I don’t. I watch me the hell out of those Buffy episodes on the Netflix. I don’t hate anyone in the Avengers, but they don’t exactly do anything for my world either. Disney lost me when they started engineering my super heroes to take on the social issues that mattered to them, so in a way, I am disenfranchised. It all becomes ho-hum from there.

Of course I am still waiting to see if Disney decides to engineer the Star Wars characters to push issues that are along the lines of “Screw You and Your Friends Jeremy” and then we are going to have some problems. I do plan to hop in the car, head to the theater, eat a bag of overpriced popcorn and spend God knows how much it will be by the time those movies come out, to see the new Star Wars. I assure you that I won’t miss the new Star Trek movie when it comes out either. Maybe that’s my problem. I have outgrown comic books.