Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Flailing State of Late Night Entertainment

Last week, if you were to listen to the simpering news coverage, was the end of an era in late night entertainment. I use the term “entertainment” rather loosely because I am not one of the people that calls the carousel of celebrity entertainment. With that said, I can’t exactly say I ever really got into David Letterman. Even during the college years when I would tend to get home from working in a bar or a restaurant, and Letterman or Leno or any of these guys would be on, I would always find something better to do. Letterman in particular was just a bitter sounding man who came off as a bully with a microphone to me. People obviously liked that and he had a nice long career.

The only times I really saw anything that had to do with David Letterman was when someone was pissed off at something he did, and then whatever social media feed I happened to be getting my entertainment from was lit up with him. I would hear his top ten lists replayed on the radio, until I got the satellite radio and could listen to something else. I guess that is the point here with me, is that I could always find something else. Today where most of the younger generations, and by younger generations I mean anyone under the age of fifty, can just hop on YouTube, watch Netflix, or scour blogs does it even matter to anyone who replaces David Letterman? The guy who replaces him of course is a Comedy Central character, so supposedly he can drag in the younger demographics, but does anyone really buy that?

The problem now with the spoon fed broadcast media is that they refuse to give up on their old models. The only old style broadcast network I really have any dealings with is CBS, and they couldn’t get me to care about David Letterman, I am pretty sure that they won’t get me to care much about Stephen Colbert either. Come to think about it, CBS is becoming far less important to my entertainment than it used to be too. I still love Criminal Minds, but they might have finally shuffled the cast to intolerable levels too. I no longer watch any of the CSI franchise. NCIS got old years ago. Fox has almost lost me too, aside from Gotham which really was a good series, but I can’t think of anything else there that I like. Maybe I am still younger than my age, because I watch most of what the CW does, oh and they don’t try to get me to watch any of their late night television, because they don’t have any. Go figure?

Yeah I know I am considered “odd” and the networks don’t exactly go after my entertainment dollar, but I also know by looking at a little thing called “ratings” that late night television based on a celebrity kissing celebrities asses is getting stretched really thin. Conan O’Brien was interesting when he was fighting with NBC, and I don’t even know if he is still on the air. Most people don’t. I used to see ads for Jimmy Kimmel, but that was when I watched ABC. They finally set me free by not renewing “Forever” so you all will have to let me know if he still has a show. That is if anyone actually knows. I imagine that they guy I always get confused with Jimmy Kimmel on NBC, yeah that Fallon guy, has the over 50 crowd locked up. Then of course there are the Comedy Central news people that have been reduced by one recently. Not like I have engaging conversations with the fans of that crap.

David Letterman probably escaped at the right time. He’s always been pretty good at that. His show was a whopping number two for most of his career. It was never good enough to interest me, but what do I know? As he gets all of the celebrations and revisionism that a celebrity who kisses celebrity ass gets on the way out the door, people act like there is going to be a vacuum. It’s probably more like a very old starship captain punching into warp and getting the hell out of turmoil before the black hole forms. Come to think of it, more people watch Star Trek reruns than late night television too, but wasn’t that the way it always was? Star Trek made quite the come back thanks to a vacuum in late night television. I don’t know I really didn’t pay attention, but maybe reruns of Forever will get it back on the air some day.