Saturday, June 13, 2015

Being One of the Beautiful People

The Beautiful Blogger Award

AJ Colher at Clair Books nominated me for The Beautiful Blogger Award.

It means that I am caught in the blogging community's version of what would look like on Facebook "Click Like and Share unless you suck and should die" or in your e-mail box "Send this Message to everyone on your friend's list in the next 5 minutes or your genitals will fall off'"

In general here are the rules for this one, I think, the site I got them from seemed kinda sketchy:

1. Link to the blogger who nominated you
2. List seven random facts about yourself
3. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers
4. Notify the people you nominated

Seven Random Facts

1. As much as I love writing I would rather be landscaping.
2. My favorite gum is Black Jack
3. My favorite soda is Diet Moxie
4. As weird as I am it is getting harder to think up new random facts for these things
5. I am watching Orange is the New Black right now
6. I had chicken fried steak for dinner last night
7. My dog has a horrible case of the farts right now

Seven Victims Beautiful Bloggers (Without Nominating the Same People I did the Last 3 Times so don't get grumpy if I don't pick you .. Geeze!)

1. +Richard G Stevens at Richard G Stevens - Author
2. +Mohinder Paul Verma at Blogging Funda
3. +Fidia Wati at Coretan Fidia
4. +Melody Kittles at Unchained Emporium
5. +Tim Clark at Life Explained
6. +Christian Touchet at Christian Touchet
7. +Alisha Trost at Rainy Day Reads

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