Monday, June 15, 2015

Meet Selah Sue - Belgian Singer-Songwriter Extraordinaire.

Hi, pleased to meet you! 
My name is Renée, and my blog is Rays of Light (
The Head Whacko invited me to be a guest contributor, so I've written you a post about Pinkpop, a Dutch pop festival in our green hilly province of Zuid-Limburg.
Belgium is a tiny country, even tinier than my own country The Netherlands. But small countries can be big in some aspects, and Belgium has consistently brought forth huge artists. It started with Jacques Brel and it hasn't stopped.

Milow, Stromae come immediately to mind (and if you in The States have never heard of Milow I forgive you...if you at least look him up on YouTube though).
But now I need to tell you that yesterday, whilst watching day two of Pinkpop live on my TV, I instantly fell in love with another Belgian singer. 

Her name is Selah Sue, and she is amazing!

I had vaguely heard of her, but had never hear her sing or seen her perform.
A quick Google taught me that I was an exception (I have been busy; my job as an English teacher at a specialized process industry college is too demanding!) - that even His Royal Purpleness Prince knows her and has had her in his show.

She appears tiny herself, a bit like her country. But her voice is as big as her talent. And this petit girl had the crowd in her pocket, easily. Jiving, constantly in motion, she moved across the enormous Pinkpop stage like a breath of fresh air on her trendy 8 cm poles that looked as uncomfortable as stilts, huge golden ethnic earrings swinging wildly.

It made no difference if she sang with her band (including 2 female backup singers) or all alone, accompanying herself on an acoustic guitar. She commanded that stage, and all 70.000 people on the field.

She is worth checking out, folks, especially if you enjoy knowing about European independent singer-songwriters who are not just any pretty face.  It could be a good opener at a party, say. "Selah Sue, don't tell me you have never heard of her? Prince has called her a great artist, and one of the ones to watch." 
A year ago she revealed that she suffers from depressions, something which runs in her family. She made a point of pointing out that the anti-depressive drugs she uses help her function, and refutes some American prof's claim that placebos would help just as well. Just saying.

Anyway...she is, for me, my discovery of 2015 (a bit late, she's been active since 2006). Let her be yours as well?

*Pinkpop - a Dutch pop festival originally held every Whitsun Weekend in Landgraaf. It is one of the more successful Dutch traditions to go to Pinkpop, wear a pink outfit, wear flowers in your hair and rave.