Monday, June 8, 2015

Orange is the Next Back

Thank God for small miracles, but we are four days away from the season premiere of “Orange is the New Black” season 3. I talk a lot about how great I think Netflix is, but the most important part of the entire Netflix experience comes down to its original shows. Orange (as us real fans would call it) wasn’t the first show to grab my attention on Netflix and it isn’t even the best in my humble opinion, but it is stable in its entertainment. Every episode of Orange is good, and the show always manages to leave you wanting just a little more. The way last season ended wasn’t so much a cliff hanger as it was a hilarious ending that just made you want it to start up again.

Yeah I’m not a spoiler type of person so don’t expect much of that, but I will say that the titillation of watching women in a women’s prison in that 70’s porno movie sense went away within three episodes of the first season, and was replaced with the type of humor that you would have expected from Mad magazine, if we were to keep in the 70’s era. The show itself is actually just charming, and despite its often culturally inspiring issues, it doesn’t offend anyone, and I am saying that as someone who tends to lean right and hangs out with a lot of lean right types. We all love the show, so if that isn’t an endorsement I don’t know what is.

Now of course this is just the icing coming off of the rebirth of the Marvel brand for me, thanks to Netflix doing an incredible job with Daredevil. If you are really confused about the issue of watching original programming on an internet device, then you should have seen the show “Grace and Frankie.” I will admit that the show didn’t hold my attention all that long, but the people I know love it too. If you can get Sam Waterston, Martin Sheen, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda all in the same television show, then someone is taking you seriously. What’s your excuse now?

The big one for me though, which made me grateful that I have been on board with Netflix all these years, is the upcoming “Longmire” which for whatever stupid reason was dumped by A&E. That was one of the best dramas out there and I was a little miffed to be losing it. When Netflix announced that they were picking up the contract to bring new episodes along, I was not only happy about it, but downright excited. This is where the development of Netflix’ original programming really comes into effect for me. I actually have no doubt that the chances of Longmire being even better on Netflix, is pretty good. I mean what would you expect from the “streaming service” that brought you “House of Cards?”