Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Public Hanging For Fun and Profit

Apparently there is only two things going on in the world right now. Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out party and a boat full of people died. This was the bulk of CNN the entire time I was at the gym this morning, and I have to say that I found it rather depressing. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jenner; I’ve always liked Jenner, who was an American hero when I was a kid, and a complete and utter train wreck whenever I glanced up at E and saw him on that horrible Kardashian show. This is the world we live in today unfortunately, and I try to live in the now.

Well now it is official that the transformation of Bruce into Caitlyn is mainstream news, right along with boat disasters. There is nothing else going on in the world and while CNN is celebrating 35 years of covering whatever it is they call news, the entire night time scrawl is dedicated to a train wreck that doesn’t involve Amtrak. I can’t stress enough how the voyeur culture that has been rammed down all of our throats has brought us to this, and I am just as guilty as anyone else. TruTV is the network I watch more than any other, but of course it is to ridicule the people that will post the idiotic things they do and get featured on World’s Dumbest, or Most Shocking. I am still there, even if I think TLC (the Learning Channel) is the best way to keep from learning anything.

What worries me here though is that this generational creep of horrible taste is no longer just sitting in the pages of the National Enquirer. CNN of course has its agenda to make people feel bad. You have feel good TV and you have feel bad TV. CNN doesn’t report on anything unless they can make someone feel bad. Right now they are enjoying the fact that the heroes of the past are now the flawed human beings of today. It doesn’t matter, today it is Caitlyn Jenner (and keep in mind I really don’t care, if he wants to be called Caitlyn I am all in) and tomorrow it will be someone else. As long as there are people to beat down with manufactured news stories, then CNN is there to make sure that they can create that news.

If you ask me, the next generation of entertainment will be reality shows that push the limits of what is legal. Don’t be surprised if someone comes along with a show based on kidnapping people. Visualize parents dealing with the horrors of having their child kidnapped on the way home from school, and a week of traumatizing the child to see the entertainment of how the child is damaged afterwards. I see this garbage being played out in social media all the time, as people try to analyze what makes someone a criminal. We’ve all seen people who actually take a stance as to why a criminal does what they do and who to blame for it. This is the new moral relativism on overdrive, like an old professional wrestling script where the bad guys stopped being the bad guys and started just being a fan favorite for being a bad guy.

It sounds silly doesn’t it? Well I just want you to think back to when you were a child. What did you learn was right and wrong, and how much has that line blurred since then? How about the throngs of people that are just “out there” waiting to jump all over what your idea of morality is, and the amount of times you have just given up on trying to defend decency because it isn’t worth it. This is how you and I and everyone else has been beaten down, to accept just about everything. The line moves further along every day, like that newest HBO show that you start to watch, think is great and then BOOM, the narrative just goes so wrong, but you have already invested so much into that show. You just keep watching out of habit, because after all, who has the right to question morality, decency or in a lot of cases “reality” anyway?