Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm Caught Between Now

Well a couple of short weeks ago the season finale of a little known Netflix show called “Between” came and went. At this point there is no word as to whether Netflix will be renewing the show or not, and I am a bit mixed on this. I really liked the show, as it mixed two of my favorite topics, The Lord of the Flies like scenario of a town with no adults, and the looney left will destroy the human race scenario that caused it. The acting was good, the stories seemed very real, and I would like to see what happens next. On the other hand it is yet another one of those seasons that was a whopping 6 episodes, so if it went away it wouldn’t kill me either, because I hate investing my attention to seasons that are that short. I can barely handle the 13 episode format, that cable television has made the norm.

This series had some normal stereotypes, the ridiculously rich people acting like they own the world, and the ridiculously poor people doing white trash things that complicate the world. I don’t really take issue with stereotypes as long as they are stereotypical, and are not part of a narrative to create stereotypes. This show did keep it real while adding another layer (quite real) of the people that are “between” the far extreme stereotypes, many of which have real life ties to the stereotypes. They are the ones who make it really interesting, so if you do watch the show, I would suggest a second viewing like I usually do with Netflix series (they tend to be more complicated than a quick browse through) and make note of the background drama. Might as well, it’s only 6 freaking episodes.

As usual I will make my usual shout out to Netflix. Aside from coming out with some really great programming of its own (everyone has heard of “House of Cards,” “Daredevil” or “Orange is the New Black”) they have been saving cancelled shows that still deserve to be renewed and weren’t. While sometimes it is for the good, like Longmire, sometimes it isn’t, like Arrested Development. Even in the case of the latter it was nice to finally put the conversation of “I wonder what would have …” I recently finished a marathon viewing of “House” which was a great show and is just sitting there waiting to watch, as well as about 100 other complete television series. What have you got to lose?