Thursday, July 16, 2015

The ESPY's my first guest post, with a little luck, not the last.

Last night were the ESPYs. Like most award shows people can argue, and bicker and fight endlessly about the relative worth of the winners. And, like most award shows, that is the main reason for its existence.

ESPN proved its bravery by awarding the coveted "courage award" to a person who has not been involved in sports for many years. But, has been splashed all over the television, radio, newspapers and magazines, for the past several months. Way to lead the pack, ESPN, or at least follow the pack, in an effort to increase ratings and win sponsors.  And, according to all accounts she gave a moving speech. But, I don't really care.

There were other awards, best fighter, best male action athlete, and its counter part, best male inactive athlete, (I was really hoping to win that one this year, several recent trips to the gym and taking the stairs at work probably deep sixed my chances.) There was a real dogfight for best bowler this year (I don't know, I just made that up). I don't care much about them either.

I didn't watch the show. For one thing they last for days. It is similar to watching a parade, in slow motion, when you are trying to get somewhere, in a hurry. Presenters come up, and talk about the award, and the candidates, and tell a few jokes. Winners come up, and talk about... well it could be almost anything. But, It is a safe bet that they will talk for quite a while. When they are done they still have not said very much.

Not watching a lot of sports kind of puts me on the outside looking in, and most of the names mean nothing to me.  Unless a NASCAR driver has a commercial, or punched somebody chances are I have never heard his name. Same with baseball, tennis, bowling, golf and MMA. They are all fine sports, and have every right to be on television, and have an ESPY in their honor, but they don't interest me.  It is not them, it is me.

Certainly, I would never question the ability or worthiness of the recipients. Same for the winners of the Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe..., well you get the idea.  But, most of these people make a fortune, big fat piles of cash, too big to carry. Isn't that reward enough?  Do you suppose for one minute they cherish their ESPY? Or does it go on a pile of trophies in the basement, or garage, never to be thought of again.

Way to go, you big lug, you.
There is a whole class of people who deserve some attention, some praise, some reward. Guys who get up every morning, coffee and a kiss and a bowl of oatmeal, and carry the weight everyday. What about the woman, just finished dressing for work, and her baby wipes his nose right on her shoulder? Doesn't she deserve something? Bartenders, bricklayers and bus drivers all toiling in anonymity, nobody notices or cares, there are no adoring fans, no screaming crowds, no huge paychecks.

There is no money in giving them awards, they have no fame that television can exchange for the sweet smell of advertising revenue. To them a friendly word or a quick smile is reward enough.

I am going to ignore the ESPY winners, the Oscar, SAG award, and all of the moneyed, privileged winners of gratuitous glad handing, and I am going to say something nice to people I see today. Maybe a pat on the back, for being at work, with a terrible head cold, or stomach ache. They are my heroes. Everyday, we should all think of the people who stock our groceries, who fix the potholes in our roads, who make sure the water, and electricity flows, and the trash is carried away.

At this point, I would like to thank Jeremy Crow, who deserves some sort of award for letting me guest post on his wonderful Whacko Blogs, be sure to check them out, all of them, you will be glad you did.  And, I would like to offer my profound apologies to Mr. Crow, I am not sure where all of this indignation came from, but, here it is. I will try to liven it up a little next time, if you have it in your kind heart to give me a second chance.