Thursday, August 6, 2015

Drones. Sometimes They're Wonderful Toys.

When drones are in the news, the headlines usually scream about death or mayhem these days. They are used by the military, or they are used by perverts (as in the last report I read about them concerning a town not so very far from where I live) who use them to photograph sunbathing girls.
But yesterday I was shown a beautifully and lovingly produced video about my hometown, shot by using a drone. 
An amazingly creative young guy has filmed over 10 hours with a drone, and edited it back to 5 minutes of beauty.
He has put it on unlimited YouTube himself, so I feel free to show it to you. Mostly because I am damn proud of what he has made. It's gorgeous.

Flying Above Hellevoetsluis

Haaven, Hellevoetsluis ©RenéeKoopman