Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life's So Heavy...

My macho cat Viggo has been doing the honors for the last couple of posts about little very old boring me, so I thought it prudent to tell the ones of you who are interested in person how I am getting on in the quagmire  of broken marriage vows.
Well...sinking fast, I must admit.
Thank Frith for those colleagues and friends who are doing their best to throw me a lifeline in the form of practical, philosophical and social aid!
Ever the one who is searching for that Ray of Light, the cliché silver lining, I am...
Sometimes I get a glimpse...

I always turn to music. The one constant in my life. So I've looked up an oldie, but goodie.
There's a link: The Beatles
Do not make the (understandable) mistake of thinking that it's about departed hubby, 'cause it isn't!
But I love it. Love it. Love it. Viggo lets it be known that he still isn't that impressed.