Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Crow Murders Movies - Trainwreck

Well my wife wanted to go to a movie yesterday and I wanted to eat a big ass bag of popcorn, which led us to Epping and a movie called Trainwreck. Now a little background on the whole Amy Schumer thing which appears to be a runaway train in and of itself these days. She's got a television show, her comedy show is taking off and now she has a hit movie that she starred in and wrote. I remember her back when she was just a guest on one of my favorite shows called Redeye, and I would slash and burn my way around Twitter and calling her the sexy cabbage patch kid. Now that she has a little more weight on her she is not only more sexy but looks more like a cabbage patch kid, so I feel that I started a trend.

The movie was my wife's idea, and as usual in movies that are my wife's idea I ended up liking it more than she did. Go figure. I liked 50 Shades of Gray better than she did despite the fact that it would never make a movie list. I think I like Gone Girl better than she did, but we both kept feeling let down when the movie looked like it was going to end and then didn't. Trainwreck on the other hand I really loved. The wife thought it was meh, but in this instance I actually could consider this movie a top ten favorite of mine. Of course if I started thinking about it harder it probably wouldn't be but I wanted everyone to know that sentiment. Start to finish actually the movie was excellent and that is saying something since I usually can't sit still for a whole movie.

Now without spoiling it I want to give the rundown of emotions. The movie is hilarious, The celebrity athletes that all have small to medium parts in the movie are not only funny, but they have quirks which make them even more funny. The story is actually very good and engaging, as well as being slightly awkward to make them basically realistic. The movie especially doesn't even fit the mold you are expecting when you walk in. THAT is the best thing any movie can do in my opinion, and last but certainly not least, the ending is just wonderful, as well as shocking in it's own way.

Now I must say this movie is NOT for kids of any age. Teenagers might think it is funny but I wouldn't take one of my kids to go see it because it would make you completely uncomfortable. If it doesn't make you uncomfortable around your kids then stop being their friend and work on being their parent, UGH! On the other hand it is a hilarious movie to go to with a spouse or even a buddy. I give the movie 4 thumbs up and that is the advantage of having really long monkey toes. Go out and see the movie and if for some reason you don't trust me check out rotten tomatoes that appears to love this movie too.