Thursday, August 20, 2015

Viggo's Blog - The Joy Of Pooping In Someone Else's Garden.

Hi fans, Viggo here.
Alright, okay, calm down, don't worry yourselves, we're still here and still alive and kicking. Jeez, you'd think we were in a war zone or something, it's not THAT bad!
I've told my woman to stay strong, and for Frith's sake to jog to the supermarket and get me a load of those expensive nibbles before her assets are frozen. And she seems fine, honestly, she'll live.

Meanwhile I sat in one of my customized bags. This is one of my special ones; it only took me 2 seconds to get it just so.

But what I really wanted to talk to you about, is something I've discovered a while ago.
You know we have quite a large garden, right? Large enough for me to have some secret secluded spaces for my...well, let's call them my special needs.
I am a stickler for privacy. I do not like to be watched when I do my business. Would you? (No, don't answer that! It was a rhetorical question, you stupid human! As if I care.)

I also told you that we have a new Maine Coon on the block. And his humans have a poor excuse for a garden, almost all paving with a tiny tiny piece of earth with some pitiful plants in.
Now, I have discovered that it really pisses him off when I poop in this plot of dirt. So I do.
It takes quite a bit of planning, because fun as it may be, I still like my privacy.
This afternoon his woman shouted at me, so perhaps she's sussed me out... Still. It was worth it. And I don't need to be afraid that he will try to do his business in my garden, 'cause Gina will bark as soon as he shows his ugly hairy face.

Right. Wanted to share this with you. Tarah!