Sunday, August 16, 2015

Viggo's Blog - Shit Has Hit The Fan.

Hi fans, Viggo here.
This time I have something profound to share with you. Shocking news, even to a cat-of-the-world like me. And right now only meant for overseas eyes, so feel privileged! (Feel privileged anyhow, I have better things to do - that new pedantic Maine Coon on the block is trying to take over my garden, but I take the time to talk to you...)

The insightful ones amongst you perhaps have had a gut feeling that all was not so very well with my woman. I gave broad hints, didn't I? 
Told you she was spending more and more time with those guitars. Singing The Blues.
In fact, writing and singing The Blues. My ears are used to caterwauling, but this had me running for cover sometimes.

Marriage is a state of being that, to me, is ridiculous anyway. Even when it has been  practiced for 27 years. Being Cat, it remains a weird concept! Love'em and leave'em and try to get away without her scratching your eyes out in the process is my motto.
So I have been trying my utmost to understand what is going on. 
Let me make very plain to you that, to me, there is only ONE woman. Mine. All the others are simply temporary providers of food.
So, what happens next? Beats me! It worries me (a bit, that Maine Coon worries me more), as I have a nibbles habit I need to maintain. My brand is expensive. 

My woman has written a couple of songs about it all (told you), perhaps you'll hear them someday. She's formed a band, MAMMIL, and you have to hand it to her; either she's stark raving bonkers (probably), a genius (not very likely) or actually has a very young spirit (benefit of the doubt) and takes a leaf out of the book of Christopher Lee who played in his own rockband until well in his nineties.

Anyhow, I felt the need to share. Macho Cat I may be, but sometimes I feel like a kitten in need of a cuddle.