Monday, August 31, 2015

VMA and the back story.

Last night was the VMA's (Video Music Awards). And it got pretty exciting. I didn't watch it, but I saw the news this morning, and things happened. Award shows are generally pretty dull, nobody wants to tarnish their reputation too much. It is

 It seems one of the entertainers actually called one of the other entertainers an obscenity, and accused her of saying bad things to the press about her. Apparently this unprovoked attack was caused by the accused entertainer saying bad things to the press about the accuser. Who knew, apparently everybody except me.

Also, a pop star who has been trying to establish a bad boy reputation broke down in tears after his performance. Since the news is more of a general interest program and not geared to entertainment specifically there was no indication of what had reduced the young man to a sobbing pile of emotional silliness. He may have been so moved by his performance he could not control himself, but that is just a guess.

Another star (the evening was filled with stars apparently) announced his candidacy for presidency in 2020, making him the first. His platform is truth, and honesty, and decency, all of the things so remarkable from today's musicians.  He will have plenty of time to raise money, and think of all the state fairs he will be able to attend. A real son of the proletariat.

Don't worry if you missed the award show, there are plenty more. They travel in hordes. Relentless, and unforgiving, and I will be here to help you through. You can thank me later.