Saturday, October 3, 2015

Viggo's Blog: Happy Animal Liberation Day to Me!

Hello fans, Viggo here.Did you miss me?

Today, Oct. 4th, we celebrate "Dierendag" (Animal's Day) in my country.
That means we get treated to ridiculous things like bows around our necks, or to something better to eat than normal if we're extremely lucky.

I for one make certain that I don't get within a mile of a bow, and I prefer my crunchy nibbles to any fancy fish I might be treated to.
But today is rather a special day for me as well, for today exactly five years ago my woman came to the Kids for Animals shelter and took me away from there. I can still see her come in. I was playing in the corridor with my two brothers, and I immediately realized that she was my ticket out, so I sprinted towards her and climbed her leg. Needless to say she melted.

I haven't been sorry. I have a great house, with an even greater garden, a fish pond with pretty fish I can watch for hours, and the run of the bedroom. 
I do as I please. I am King of the house. 

And now that the nights are getting colder, with sometimes even ground frost, I climb into bed with my woman again. She's careful not to smother me, although she does shove me towards the wall sometimes and I'm forced to pull her hair then. I do this with reluctance, for she uses that sticky stuff on her hair and it makes my teeth all gluey. But sometimes a cat's got to do what a cat's got to do. 

Anyway. Just thought to let you know that I'm still around. That bloody Maine Coon is still around as well, bloody nuisance he is. Yesterday he dared to show his ugly fat face in my garden again, and I set my dog Gina on him. She can hardly walk with her arthritis, but she hobbled towards him anyway, bless her, and barked right into his mug. Ha!  That showed him! 

Right. Time for a wash. See you!