Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another Hero in Hell's Kitchen

I'm not a big fan of Disney and I have said some pretty disparaging things about them lately and the way that they run Marvel comics, but I find myself in a bit of a paradox now. I just finished my weekend marathon of "Jessica Jones", the latest of the Hell's Kitchen heroes introduced as a series on Netflix. Like their first Hell's Kitchen hero "Daredevil" the series was actually compelling and drew me in almost instantly. I am a fan of Netflix, but it makes me wonder what Disney is really doing with their comic franchise.

We all know how the blockbuster movies are going. Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy etc etc have for the most part been huge. Then of course you have the horrible crap that they use their own network (ABC) for. I stopped watching Agent Carter because it was just plain boring, and I stopped watching Agents of Shield half way through the second season because it was just stupid. Other ABC shows like "Forever" they gave up on after one season but that Marvel garbage that they make just comes back for more. I don't get it, but in theory the soul sucking Mouse is trying to create heroes and villains that Fox can't put into the X-Men movies since they have the rights to all "Mutants" but please, just quit already.

This brings me back to Jessica Jones, a series that was originally being thought out for the ABC flagship as far back as 2010, but kept getting shelved for various reasons. Daredevil having been one of the rare Marvel movie flops they figured just wasn't popular enough and let Netflix have it, and I think we know how that worked out. Somewhere in the Magic Castle they decided that Netflix could have Jessica Jones, and even allowed Netflix to have the entire Hell's Kitchen franchise, which to be honest with you, haven't done that great at the box office either. Look at the money and ratings for "The Punisher" (and I mean all three of those movies) and you will see why Disney just doesn't care about it and wanted to make peace with that.

I'll be honest when I say that I was never into all the Hell's Kitchen characters, but I knew enough about them that I (Gen X) and the Millennial Gen are the perfect audience for these in a serial format. I even found myself getting a bit excited as I figured out who the spin-off characters were in Jessica Jones, which they really used the occasion for. Along with the man that will obviously become Iron Fist you become quite surprised as you see The Punisher forming right before your eyes. If Netflix continues on this course they might be able to teach Disney how to do a television series, but I doubt it.