Tuesday, November 3, 2015

To Gotham or Not to Gotham

I have to admit as I was watching Gotham this morning, there is a certain level of anticipation that comes along with being a fan of the show. I realize that the show can stand on it's own but to the comic book fan that has a certain level of understanding of the Batman world, you can help but step back every so often and remind yourself that these some of these people despite their upbringing become pretty bad ass villains. If you haven't watched this week's episode then I would suggest you stop reading, because I am going to spoil it.

As you watch the stupid (and yes it is really stupid) plot come along with the family that holds a grudge against the Wayne family, and all of the hokey BS, potentially jump the shark, minutia that they are writing into everything it is still fascinating. Not because you care about that cast off from B serial villainy that they have playing the nemesis, but because all the Batman villains that you know and love are starting to take shape. More over you are starting to root for the villains, because they are still part of the greater story that you understand. I mean the dingaling that killed Cobblepot's mother, and all of his bravado as he is planning to rid the world of him. The real treat is sitting there knowing that guy is the Penguin and he'll survive all this, but at the same time you know he becomes a real bad ass. Is this the time that he starts going berserk?

You saw the inkling last night of two of the more potent Batman bad guys go round the twist. Remember that the bad guys in Batman are all pretty much insane too, and that's why they all end up in the Asylum as opposed to Prison. The transformation of Edward Nigma has been exciting as well as pretty spot on to what I would expect in the man that becomes the Riddler, as was the way Penguin ended up dealing with the B level villain that dominates the show right now. It was a totally Penguin method of attack, and brought me right back to the comic books. I haven't even gotten around to the whole Cat Woman transformation that is also going on before our eyes.

Of course the monkey wrench that they threw into it all with the death of the person that we all expect to become the Joker, or did they? Not to mention the growing insanity of Barbara (Gordon perhaps?) which adds more ripples into it all. Of course my favorite character in all of this is Zaz. Expertly played by the guy from Orange is the New Black (The one that impregnated the inmate, I forgot his name on the show) Every time you see him you know psychotic and bad ass are going to merge into something part exciting part humorous. I think the show will survive the stupid plot lines that they are throwing in here and there if not only for the fact that a real fan of the comic books simply relates, and likes the development of the villains.