Wednesday, December 16, 2015

They've Got Geese Here Too!

Hi there, nice to see you again!

My last post was about moving house, and I told you that one of the things I was going to miss tremendously would be the geese gaggling their way across the sky over my old house every morning and evening.
Well, have I got news for you!
I have greeted the geese over my new home already!

It's debatable if these are geese, they could be swans, but I like the picture, so.
But, anyway, they've got geese here too, and their sound brought tears to my (otherwise contented) eyes.

The move went smoothly. Three days was all it took. Right now I'm waiting for the electricity provider to get back to me, 'cause I don't want to be disconnected over the holidays now do I? That would be rather sloppy.

Viggo wants you all to know that he is pretty upset (the understatement of 2015) with his woman. He is in detention for at least two weeks, and does his utmost to escape.
I'll upload a photo of his face a.s.a.p., I just need to find my cable...
I need to find a lot of things. Not in the least some peace.
Working whilst moving, or moving whilst working AND having to grade papers is NOT good for a person, I tell you! 

But alright, I mustn't complain, everything has gone well so far.
Talk to you soon!