Monday, February 15, 2016

Chelsea Does Netflix Good

There is a new series on Netflix that has been heralded as a newer more hip version of 60 minutes, and being no real fan of 60 minutes (The National Enquirer of television) I didn't jump right in when the series started. Fascinating enough, I started watching the "Chelsea Does" series on Netflix when I started staying at home for my workouts. Now keep in mind that I handle most point of views rather well, I was prepared to really hate this series, and so far, after four episodes I am pleasantly surprised at how much I long for the fifth episode to come out. I'm sure it is going to be a bitter sweet addiction.

Honestly enough they first three episodes were hum drum, but not unworthy of watching. It was that fourth episode which got me hooked, and it is amazing why. It was the "Chelsea Does Drugs" episode, and my views on drugs are probably the most complex part of my ideology. I don't like them, but I am a huge proponent for decriminalizing all drugs. When I say "all drugs" I mean close down the food and drug administration and let the people who will kill themselves with drugs do it, regulate taxes on it all, sell it at Walmart for less money and end the need to create prohibitions and the crime that inevitably comes from them. I expected the "Chelsea Does" episode to be a bunch of nare do wells over glorifying drugs and really taking no account for anything else. It actually was along those lines, but they allowed a lot of reality in it.

Now keep in mind that there wasn't any "Devil's Advocate" talk, but the reality of watching a bunch of semi-famous people sitting around being stoned actually reinforced my inner belief that it is a waste of my time. I watched it and said, "Damn I don't want t be like these people, I think I will continue to not do drugs," and I also have the feeling that they left it that way so some people would look at it that way. They also had a rather in-depth peyote session where most of the people ended up extremely sick, sad, and wishing they had never done it. The reality of that was really good as well.

Now of course don't just take my word for it on the one episode that I really liked, the "Chelsea Does Sex" one was pretty good too, as she discussed sex with everyone from her friends to total strangers to even her own father. I was rather shocked that Chelsea Handler actually as pretty nice boobs too. Hey you just have to see it. Discussions among my friends tell me that I should probably go back and watch the "Chelsea Does Racism" one again, and I just might. The most important thing I can say about the whole series is that you won't regret the time you spend on it. Even if you are a self righteous know it all like me.