Monday, October 24, 2016

Song's Best Books Club - Library of Souls

Hi there!
Number three of the trilogy by Ransom Riggs. And I dived straight into it from the second one (Hollow City). Perhaps I should not have done that...?

A new book is always a promise to me, like a beautifully wrapped gift. And when I've already read and enjoyed two previous ones by that author, my expectations are sky high.
So it was with pleasant anticipation that I started reading the third book of this trilogy back-to-back from the second one.
And fiddlesticks...
I was disappointed.
Ransom Riggs has done his utmost to make it even more exciting, but in my opinion only made the story more gruesome and violent, and I simply tuned out  halfway (can you say that with a book?).
I finished it - obviously, it is sacrilege not to finish a book. But it took stamina, perseverance and needed a good whisky to help me along.

Jacob, needless to say, continues his battle with the dreaded whights and hollows, and makes some peculiar new friends along the way. And wins. Sort of.
What really disappointed me was that the, so far, really poignant love story between Jacob and Emma somehow lost all glow, it petered out. And I think I know why. 
In part 1 and 2 they fell in love, love deepened, physically as well as mentally, but propriety prevailed (this is a YAL series after all) and they didn't go farther than hand holding and a kiss.
But when you are fighting for your life, and appear mortally wounded, I believe instinct and nature take over, and I simply cannot believe two feisty youngsters in love would go no further in that situation than gazing into each others eyes and another chaste clothed embrace. No way! Any historian could tell you that (think baby-boom).
So...was this a conscious decision by Riggs? Probably. He writes mainly for an American audience.

So. Anyway.
The main question now is, should you still read this book?
My answer is: if you've enjoyed the first two, then read it by all means. Hey, my opinion is just that: an opinion.
And I'll be interested in yours, so be sure to let me know.