Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Netflix Binge Worthy Man's Edition

It's no secret that I had accumulated so much unused vacation time, that come December, I basically had to take the entire month off. All that spare time, and a total lack of a social life took me head long into the world of Netflix, where I was forced to find new shows to binge on. I had finished off "The Office" between the cruise flights and bedtime entertainment, and found myself with nothing to watch. Of course the funniest show ever "Last Man Standing" also had been finished about a week into it all to, so here I have some gems for you all, with a complete "man slant" on why they should be watched. Women .... well take a day off, we'll be back tomorrow.

The first show I picked up on was called "The OA" and even after watching it, having a couple of weeks to digest what I saw, the only thing I can compare that series to was "Fight Club." I mean the show seems pretty easy to follow, you seem to understand that it is weird, and at the end you are just sitting there thinking, "What the f*** did I just see?" This is NOT a bad thing, it just really tests your minds ability to "go there" and may even make you think (as I often do) "Someone actually sat down and wrote this, and that scares me." Again this is NOT a bad review, it is simply the ability to understand that someone could write something on a level above me. I actually like that.

Next I ended up locking onto a Hallmark Channel show called "Good Witch". God Damn you Hallmark channel and your high quality crap, that locks me in worse than Lifetime shows which also should be beneath me. Well ok Lifetime hasn't had a good series since "Witches of East End" (and purely for the complete and utter POA factor, and yes that was on this list too *sigh*) Well back to "Good Witch" I was waiting for something "Witchy" to happen, perhaps a curse, maybe a little Harry Potter like stuff, NOTHING! Of course I watched every episode, and now have to wait for Hallmark Channel (again *sigh*) to start making new episodes. Just to see if we get anything "Witchy" in the second season.

Oh man, speaking of "witchy" and POA, you have got to see, "The Magicians" which appears to be another Sci Fi Channel Canadian thing. It is Harry Potter on steroids, and by the end of the second episode, you have locked on to some seriously nerd sexy women that you immediately start hoping get naked. Well they do in a very PG sort of way, but it is good enough. I anxiously await Sci Fi getting the next round of episodes (starting next week) just to see if the greatest librarian fantasy startlet ever, manages to survive the first season finale. Oops, spoiler alert there, but guys won't care, they just want to see what I am talking about now.

Of course now I have settled into "Penny Dreadful" which I actually couldn't take until I realized that the redhead with the terrible Irish or Scottish accent (ugh is it bad) was actually Billie Piper (trust me, the only reason the first few seasons of Dr Who *sorry Amazon Prime not Netflix* were tolerable) and I waited it out until she was able to drop the horrible accent and get her hair back to blonde. No spoiler here, you'll have to see what I am talking about. By that time the rest of the show had started to grow on me.