Saturday, February 11, 2017

Jeremy's Bingeworthy Online Extravaganza - Vol. 01

Well I didn't think my Netflix raves and rants would merit me continuing the tradition, but as always what do I know? This week I want to look at a few online masterpieces from two different streaming services. First of course are the Netflix offerings, where I have something I never thought I would like and something I never thought I would hate. It's a pretty good way to look at things if you ask me, and then I will delve into an Amazon offering that I surprisingly like.

Let's start with the good, before we get into the bad and the ugly. Back when I was a kid there was a television show called "One Day at a Time" which only lives on in the minds of people because Valerie Bertinelli was in it. Shockingly enough I was surprised that that piece of crap show went on for nine years when I went online to make sure I spelled Bertinelli correctly. Needless to say, after I just used the term "piece of crap" you probably know what I was going to think of the "New and Improved" Latina version of the show as it was displayed on Netflix. Well to be honest with you, the name "Rita Moreno" was the only thing that got me to watch it in the first place, and before I even start on the show, let me just say, she's still got it, and can easily steal a show.

As a right wing whacko there was only one situation that made me uncomfortable, and of course with a show full of Latinas the easy sell would be an episode on illegal immigration, of course. It was still tasteful, and even had a bit of "against" thrown in for dramatic effect. On the other hand, the way all of the actresses who portray "Cubans" reacted when one of the other stars walked in with a "Che" t-shirt, was historically accurate and well worth waiting for. I don't want to ruin the first season for anyone, but trust me the show is quite funny, and the ending of the first season was enough to make my inner "big sissy" have to put down the weights and get a tissue. All in all I give this series a full murder of crows, and suggest you all try it for a few episodes at least.

Unfortunately I also watched almost a full 30 minutes of the series that Netflix had really been hocking for a month called "Santa Clarita Diet." I mean how could this one go wrong? It has Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore in it. Two of the greatest acting talents in the history of acting talents, which means the series had to be a total bulls-eye right? WRONG! Oh so very very fucking wrong (sorry bout the language folks but it is truly necessary here) and not even worthy of sticking with it. At times I have found it pretty disturbing how realistic and brutal violence has gotten on television over the years, but at the same time have given credit for something that is truly disturbing, but impressive at the same time. A good example is the impaling scene in AHS: Roanoke, which was beyond disturbing but at the same time acting magic. Santa Clarita Diet is just plain disgusting. The story might go on to be interesting, but I refuse to reward it. The show is over the top disturbing but only because it is stomach turning, and for no good reason. This show gets a rating of crows murdered fully. Maybe someone will sit through it and tell me I am wrong, but it won't be me.

The last little gem is from Amazon Prime TV which shocked me a bit because no matter what Amazon original I have tried to watch they have all been thrown in the crap pile. I mean I understand why Amazon wants to be in the game, but whoever is advising them on how to do it is failing miserably. Almost all of them are the types of things that people in San Francisco farting into champagne glasses so they can enjoy the stench might like, but normal America couldn't possibly. Unless of course they secretly want to be one of the "smell our own farts" crowd, and are willing to go that far to do it. I've met people like this.

Of course the one I found charming might even be a "smell your own farts" type of show, but I still like it. "Z: The Beginning of Everything" is based on Therese Anne Fowler’s "Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald" which I never read, and am equally as ashamed to say that I only know the name F Scott Fitzgerald as the guy who wrote "The Great Gatsby" and never even bothered to read it. I may now, as I see the beginnings of him and the other half of (what I have since read up on) America's first Power Couple. Christina Ricci is brilliant as always in her portrayal of Zelda Fitzgerald, and again, maybe Amazon is on to creating decent original TV series. Break out the champagne glasses and eat a lot of fiber folks!